Candidates that I think are most likely to protect our sovereignty, balance the budget,  and respect our freedoms.

President/VicePresident: Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan
Senator:  Michael Baumgartner
US Congressional District 1: John Koster
US Congressional District 2: Dan Matthews
Governor:  Rob McKenna
Lieutenant Governor:  Brad Owen
Secretary of State:  Kim Wyman
State Treasurer:  Sharon Hanek
State Auditor: James Watkins
Attorney General:  Reagan Dunn
Commissioner of Public Lands:  Clint Didier
Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Write in
Insurance Commissioner: John Adams

Legislative District 40:  John Swapp
State Representative Pos 1:   Brandon Robinson
State Representative Pos 2:   Write in someone
Supreme Court Position 2:  Write in someone
Supreme Court Position 8:  Write In
Supreme Court Position 9:  Richard Sanders (One of the Best)
Court of Appeals Division 1 (Pos 1):
San Juan county Superior Court Judge:
San Juan County council(Depending on District:  Orcas: Rick Huges or Scott Lancaster San Juan:  Bob Jarman or Marc Forlenza

Initiative measure 1185 - 2/3 majority for new taxes:  Yes
Initiative measure 1240 charter schools:  NO
     There are better ways to have charter schools than this.
Referendum 74 redefining marriage:  Rejected
Initiative Measure 502 Legalize and regulate Marijuana:  No
    (Penalties should be modest, however full legalization will bring a host of
new social problems that we really don't need, including a conflict with federal law)
Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution 8221 reduces debt authority: YES
Senate Joint Resolution 8223 making an exception to restriction on State owning private companies:  Rejected

Engrossed Senate Bill 6635 eliminating tax deduction for investment in private homes:  Repealed
Substitute House Bill 2590 extending the expiration date on tax on petroleum possession:  Repealed

San Juan County Initiative 2012-4 prohibits growing genetically modified organisms:  NO
    We should not buy genetically modified foods, but let people decide for themselves.

San Juan County Prop 1 reduces the number of commissioners to 3, each elected county wide:  YES
Should the Commissioners be a board of directors, directing the manager?  Or should they be a legislature with an independent executive? 
As a board of directors, those who make the decisions are accountable to the voters.
   There are pros and cons to voting for 1 commissioner or having a vote on every commissioner. It will work or not work either way, depending on who we put into office.

San Juan County Prop 2 County manager would be subject to directions of Commissioners and would not be an independent branch of government:  YES
San Juan County Proposition 3 requires open meetings of the council and committees except where permitted by law: YES 
Orcas Island School District No 137 Prop 1 Bond for $11,900,000 to add and replace buildings with an increase in property taxes for 20 years: Yes
But the numbers are highly loaded, and the board should be admonished to pare down.
Orcas Island School District No 137 Prop 2 Technology Two year tax levy for .06 cents per thousand:  Yes